Lindy provides professional voiceover services

Lindy Nolan offers professional voice over services

Lindy is an expressive voiceover talent with a unique & natural sound!


Lindy offers a full range of voiceover services, to include audiobook, voicemail, on-hold, narration, e-learning, commercial, documentaries, training, and more…

From her professional recording studio, Lindy provides cleanly edited and finished audio files in a variety of formats, delivered digitally to clients around the globe to meet any deadline.


Raised in Lincoln, Nebraska, Lindy now makes her home in beautiful California and brings a clear, confident sound to each role she records.

She holds a degree in Business Administration and has a background in teaching, public speaking and training.

Lindy has trained with Such a Voice, experts in the voiceover acting field, and is a consistent performer. She is able to complete projects on time, and works well within the demands of creative environments.

Lindy’s voice is hip, casual, smooth, young and friendly. Her sound ranges from mature to youthful, comforting to exciting, and is suitable for a wide variety of projects.

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